Customer Feedback

Outstanding; delicious; quite superb; amazing flavour; the finest we have ever eaten.

Just some of the things our customers say about our beef:


We have never asked our customers for feedback. All the comments reproduced below are therefore entirely unsolicited. Some were special messages sent just to say how good the meat is. Others have been included in messages about something else when there was no need to add anything about the meat. Not surprisingly, we have no permanent record of the comments made to us in person, nor of the phone calls. Our favourite phone call came at about 10.30 one evening, when a rather drunken voice explained that the family had just finished the most delicious meal of roast Dexter beef, and they couldn’t go to bed without sharing their pleasure with us.

Dexter beef

“I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the beef, the fillet steaks were the best we’ve ever tasted and I made burgers with the mince last night and they were superb. Amazing flavour!”   Emma

“Had some of the Rump Saturday night, it was excellent as always.”   Keith

“Thank you very much for the Sussex LMC steak – it was excellent and very tender.”   Jo

We were meaning to have a word with you about the beef….the last 6lb joint of silverside I picked up from you was undoubtedly the best beef any of us have ever had.”   Polly

“The beef was delicious! We slow roasted the brisket for 9 hours and it was fantastic. One of the best meals I have cooked”   Adam

“Just to report that we had the fillet this evening with son and daughter in law and there was general rejoicing and statements to the effect that this was the best steak ever tasted in England etc etc. So we are hooked.”   Anthony

“We had the ribeye steaks last night and very good they were too.”   Martin

“We would just like to tell you how much we are enjoying the beef purchased recently and that your recommended “feather-bone steak” was wonderful.”   John & Judy

“The steak is the best I have ever eaten.”   Margaret

“We had our first roast joint on Sunday. It was great. Having rump steak tonight. Thanks so much.”   Becky

“We have had a top rump roast joint this evening and we both agree it’s the best we have had. Very very good, thank you so much.”   Lizzie

The minute steaks were possibly greeted with the biggest cheers at the table we have had for many years!”   Pamela

“I fried a piece of sirloin on Saturday, 2.5 minutes each side and the flavour was excellent with absolutely no waste.”    John

“We tried some of your sirloin steak the night before we went on holiday and thought it was some of the nicest beef we have tasted. We came back earlier this week to find that the other pack of sirloin had been raided by our daughter so last night we tried the rib eye and it was equally delicious.”   Nicola

“Just wanted to say the beef is outstanding. So far we have had some fillet, rib and mince and all was lovely.”   Paul

“We are enjoying the Dexter very much – a proud centre piece of any supper party!!”   Patricia

“The meat is excellent as usual. I had a blood test the other day and the doc said slightly low in iron, so great excuse to eat more beef!”   Pete

“It is quite superb beef. I cooked a lovely roast last weekend. Very pleased with myself!”    Mark

“I have cooked the Dexter shin and can only say it is the best I have tasted for many years. The gravy is superb.”    Margaret

“Dean and I had some of the fillet steak last night and it is without doubt the finest beef we have ever eaten.”   Anneka

“I just wanted you to know how very thrilled we are with the Dexter beef that we bought from you this autumn.  It is well hung, well butchered and simply DELICIOUS.”   Sue

“We had the rump steak last weekend – it was fantastic. Paul cooked it really well and I would say it was one of the best steaks I have ever had. Your beef is soooooo good!”   Danielle

“Again, many thanks for the beautiful beef. We have just finished one of the joints for Sunday lunch and, as always, it was excellent.”   Cheryl

“We had the Dexter rib the other weekend and it was superb.”   Sarah

Portland hogget

“Lamb’s my favourite but this hogget is by far the nicest I’ve tasted in a long time. We ate the chump chops last night – Jake even put away a whole one too, which is unheard of.”   Kirsten

“Firstly can I say how lovely the Portland hogget is. We had the shoulder which was delicious.”   Paul

“Just to let you know that we have had the ribs from the Portland hogget this morning and they are superb! The quality of the meat is fantastic! Thank you!”   Roland

Romney lamb & hogget

“As for the lamb/hogget, I have to honestly say that the last time we had some, it brought back memories of what lamb used to taste like!”   Christine.

“I cooked the stewing lamb last night, and I wanted to let you know that it was delicious. Just the thing on a cold March night!”   Ros

“We had some of your lamb last night for Sunday dinner and very nice it was too!”   Peter

“Your hogget was superb.  It tastes like lamb of yesteryear. Flavoursome and mouthwatering”   Chris


“Just wanted to let you know that we had some mutton on sunday. Slow cooked shoulder. And it was outstanding. Full of flavour.”   Pauline

“Mutton, just fabulous.  Many thanks”   Rob