A friendly DIY livery with access to woodland rides

Our livery boxes for 18 horses or ponies are located in the attractive farm yard at Butterbox Farm. Horses have access to winter and summer turnout, a sand school, and riding over fields and woods.



Our livery boxes at Butterbox are discretely american stables
positioned behind the medieval farm house and close to the newly refurbished farm office housed in a Victorian sandstone farm building.

The boxes vary from modern American-style boxes fitted into a large span shed to loose boxes in a range of traditional farm buildings. The storage space available in the listed barn was proving insufficient for our customers needs so we have recently built a large new space giving extra storage for hay, bedding and feed.  We have the availability of a separate isolation box.
We provide turnout in winter and summer paddocks. These are cross-grazed by cattle to maintain the quality of the grass and to help to minimise the worm burden.



We have a network of customer Toll Rides over the farm, including tracks through our extensive woodlands.  Chailey Common provides an even greater variety of riding, and is only a short walk up the road.