Stock for sale


We often have Dexter females available for sale as breeding cattle.

All our Dexters are regularly handled, and all our calves are used to being on a halter from a few weeks old.

We have bred Dexters since 1978, and have lost count of the number of breeders who bought their first stock from us. We always encourage new breeders to visit us and talk through their requirements before making decisions, and provide whatever after-sales advice they want; some are still taking advantage of this many years later.

We do not sell Sussex females for breeding. We may occasionally have Sussex stores available for sale as stock to be ‘finished’.


We sell pure bred shearling Charollais, Charollais x Texel and NZ Romney rams off farm and through the Dolphin sheep fair in September.

In the summer and autumn we have New Zealand Romney tegs for sale.

We occasionally have pedigree, registered Portland ewes or weaned lambs for sale for breeding, but we do not sell our male lambs for breeding.