Our rare and traditional breeds are selected for their flavour

Our small flock of the rare breed of Portland sheep produce slow maturing lambs which grow into delicious hogget. New season lamb comes from our main flock of Romney sheep.

romney sheep

Lamb, hogget and mutton are butchered to your requirements for barbecuing, spit roasting or for your freezer.

We keep three breeds of sheep. Our main flock are Romney’s, a local breed originating from the Romney Marshes in Kent.   We have recently added a small flock of Charollais sheep.  Rams from this breed are widely used on commercial flocks to produce high quality carcasses.  Only the really top quality ram lambs will meet the required standard, so in future some of our meat lambs will be pure Charollais.   We also keep Portlands, a very attractive small and rare breed originating from Portland Bill in Dorset.

Our lambs are spring-born, to coincide with sunshine and fresh spring grass.  This is rather later than most commercial lambs.  This means they are not ready until about late September, and we keep the smaller ones over winter to mature into hogget.


Meat we sell from our sheep:

lamb from animals aged 4 – 12 months.

hogget from animals aged 12 – 24 months.

mutton from animals aged 30 months to 4 years.


The lamb comes from our Romney ewes and may be pure-bred Romney or Romney crossed with a Charollais, Suffolk or Texel ram.  The cross bred lambs tend to grow a bit faster and so are ready a bit earlier.

The hogget comes from our Portlands and our Romney breeds; The Portland breed matures slowly, and they are not ready for the butcher until they are at least 18 months old.  We also keep some of the smaller lambs from our Romney breed into their second spring and summer as hogget, partly to give them an opportunity to grow a bit more, and partly to give us continuity of supply for our customers throughout the year.  Hogget meat tends to have more flavour than new season lamb, and many people prefer it.

The mutton comes from some of our Romney ewes that we intended for breeding but decide later that they are not suitable. Rather than taking them to market as ‘cull’ animals, we prefer to keep them over the summer to mature into good quality mutton, which is becoming increasingly popular with our customers.


We sell lamb, hogget and mutton by the whole or half carcass. Typically a lamb carcass will weigh 16-22 kgs, hogget 20-25 kgs and mutton 25-38kgs.

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