Beef from our grass-fed, well matured traditional native breeds

Our beef comes from our pedigree herd of Dexter cattle (until recently a rare breed) and our traditional local breed of Sussex cattle and   Both breeds are renowned for the flavour of their meat.



Dexter beef is supplied by 10kg, or the quarter carcass box.


We rear our beef with an emphasis on animal welfare and a care for the environment.  Most of the year the cattle graze the natural pasture which we manage using the best practices of sustainable farming defined by Countryside Stewardship.  In winter the housed cattle feed on home produced hay and silage.  We use no artificial means to promote rapid growth.  Our stock mature slowly on this natural diet, which helps to give the meat its superb flavour.  Our cattle are slaughtered locally and the beef is air dried and hung for a minimum of three weeks to give it tenderness and flavour.

The Dexter breed

dexter steer Dexter cattle are Britain’s smallest breed of cattle.  We started our herd of Butterbox Dexters in 1978.   At that time, there were less than 300 breeding females in Britain. There are now over 4,000.  Their popularity has underlined the quality of the excellent flavoured and award-winning beef.   It is marbled with just the right amount of fat to improve the cooking quality without giving cause for concern about unhealthy eating.   Our calves are normally born between February and April. They suckle their mothers for nine months. They are ready for beef when they are 27 – 30 months old.

We sell Dexter beef by either a 10kg (fills one upright freezer draw approx) or quarter carcass box.  Each quarter box includes a mixture of cuts from the hind and fore quarters, and yields 20 – 30 kg of meat depending on the size of the animal.

Within a quarter carcass box there is a limited range of choices More

sussex calf


The Sussex breed

Sussex cattle are our traditional local breed.  Their history goes back hundreds of years, and they were first registered in a Herd Book in 1878. Sussex cattle were bred here at Butterbox Farm by previous generations of our family in the 1940s.  We recently reintroduced them firstly, by buying in weaned calves, but are now breeding solely from our own established purebred herd.  Like our Butterbox Dexters, they mature slowly on their diet of grass and silage and are ready when they are 24 – 30 months old.

Our Sussex beef is available in whole or half carcass only