Whats happening down on the Farm?


June 2016

  • Showing some of our Dexter cattle at the South of England Show











May 2016

  • At last after a long winter in the sheds eating home grown grass silage, the cattle can go out to the fields


Beautiful in the woods at springtime


April 2016

  • Lambs everywhere.  A very busy time of year to say the least.  Just love ’em  x

This is one of our rare, pure bred Portland ewes with her newborn lamb.














March 2016

  • First pure Sussex calf born this spring.  This years calves names will start with the letter “G”.  We think “Gertrude” is an appropriate name for her – anyone remember ‘the magic roundabout’?



  • Sheep – Hogget and Mutton meat boxes are now available.  Demand for these old fashioned meats is on the increase.  When you taste them, you’ll know why.

February 2016.  

  • Goodness, what a wet, windy and mild winter we’re having!
  • Great news – This summer, the “Butterbox BBQ meat box” will be returning after wonderful feedback from last years uptake.  We will endeavour to keep you informed, but please get your orders in soon to avoid missing out on this popular meat box.
  • Our ewes have all recently been pregnancy scanned to show us how many each of them are expecting.  Great percentages again with the average expecting 2 lambs a piece. There are a few expecting quins, which will cause an immense amount of extra care and bottle feeding come the spring – happy days!

Chilled out Duke

  • “DUKE”, our pedigree Sussex breed bull is now running with a group of cows, meaning they should calve in November later this year.
  • More trees blown down in the recent storms.  Still, more logs for the fires!


November 2015

  • The rams are now frolicing with the ewes.  Hopefully we should have lambs arriving in late March.
  • The constant rain is causing frequent flooding. The fields are now really wet which means the cattle are starting to damage the pastures.  So its time to house the cattle for the winter – good job we made plenty of hay and silage this summer!

Flooding in willow bats